Activision Responds to Modern Warfare 3's Weak January NPD Numbers

MP1st - Activision Publishing CEO, Eric Hirshberg, explains why Modern Warfare 3 sales in January were significantly lower than Black Ops’ in the same month last year.

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LOGICWINS2318d ago

Saturation...theres your answer.

dragonyght2318d ago

more like oversaturation consider they sold 20mil+ cod

GraveLord2318d ago

Read the article.

The answer is simple
-Much stronger launch than Black Ops
-Plus competition from games like BF3, Skyrim, Gears 3, Uncharted 3, Batman...etc.
-Price slashing

CoolBeansRus2317d ago

Valid point gravelord. But i feel like the game itself is just not as good or had the wow factor MW2 did when it first came oout. Therefor it is losing steam faster, people just get tired of playing the same thing, they move on, etc...

Myst2318d ago

"Do you think that Call of Duty has run its course, and we will start to see a decline in future sales? "

Honestly speaking more than likely. I mean it seems to even be slightly hinted at in the interview itself. I am more than likely taking it out of context but to me it seems like they know. In the middle of the first paragraph, "“I think they moved forward."" Is something we see to me moved forward is pretty much moved beyond Call of Duty. Though being that the next sentence goes back to pre-launch status I can't really tell if that is what the person meant. Though if they do know good because they could probably switch things up perhaps.

More than likely they will keep the same stuff in there but add in new things here and there (hopefully) something to really justify people spending 60.00 and not having to worry about another installment the next year taking a portion of the player base.

KingOptimus7772318d ago

Battlefield... Theres your answer

Siren302318d ago Doesn't seem that bf3 is as popular as some would like

softgrip2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

I'm pretty sure only tracks players that have logged into BF3stats. It's a 3rd party website.

After scanning their forums, appear unsure as to the exact nature of the global stats information. They do however update it every 10s.

Gamer-Z2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

There is no need to bring BF3 into this. There are a number of reasons why COD sales are declining.

1) Saturation
2) Hype dying
3) Competition from other games
4) Lack of innovation and progression
5) recycling of assets
6) Yearly releases
7) And Poor word of mouth (hate)

playboi282317d ago

While I agree that some might mention Battlefield as trolling, I do think that it has merit in this thread. The article said there was stiff competition. There was no more direct competition than Battlefield.

CanadianTurtle2318d ago

The reason the sales numbers dropped is because everyone bought it on launch week. Simple as that. As much as you hate CoD, thats the truth.

MW3 has sold more than any electronic entertainment software in history. Theres no denying that.

People were saying that MW3 is going to be the game where it will achive low sales numbers because gamers are getting oversaturated with this line of product. But look what happened, it sold more than black ops.

kevnb2318d ago

console owners keep buying more copies, while pc owners have bought less and less. ALso a big first week indicates huge shipments, they probably have plenty left in warehouses.

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