Why Sony’s Shu Yoshida thinks the PlayStation Vita will kill it in the U.S. compared to Japan

Shuhei Yoshida is in charge of all of the games that Sony makes internally for the PlayStation 3 and its other platforms. The president of worldwide studios for Sony Computer Entertainment was at the recent DICE Summit in Las Vegas, and he showed up with the PlayStation Vita, the new handheld gaming device that will launch on Feb. 22. in the U.S. Yoshida’s team helped shape the features of the Vita and has been busy making games for the system. All told, there are about 25 internal and externally developed titles arriving on the PS Vita on day one.

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remanutd552077d ago

well i can give you a good reason why i think it will do good : because it has the best western launch line up on a playstation system ever .
i have bought Uncharted Golden Abyss, Wipeout 2048 and i dont have the system yet lol
anyways im getting little deviants and escape plan tonight or tomorrow after i get the system and i will wait for san diego studios to announce online multiplayer to get modnation too
extremely excited for may 29th so i can get resistance burning skies