HD Collections: Cash Cow or Console Classic?

We take a look at the upcoming onslaught of remastered, repackaged games and whether or not they're worth the renovated price tag.

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Venox20082289d ago

Classic, classic.. especially Beyond good & Evil, MGS, God Hand (my classic), Ico & Shadow of collossus .. these games from past gen's, many of them are a lot of better than new games that we are getting - better graphics, bigger presentation, explosives and dumbed down..

badz1492288d ago

like what Sony has done with their collections, yeah I have no problem forking out money for them.

but if it's like what Ubisoft is doing with their PoP and SC collection, I wouldn't call it cash cow but instead cash grab! these collections look mostly untouched in every way possible and shows how lazy the team behind it!

bahabeast2288d ago

classics come back. i love the idea of hd collection specially how i never played that much games in the ps1 and ps2 era i only recently fell in love with games after playing the original god of war on ps2.

Moncole2288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

It would be cool if they had two choices. A regular port with nothing new added or you can get it in HD for 5$ more.

For me it doesn't matter if it is HD or not, I got Psychonauts on Steam recently and I am loving it sure its not HD but its great I download a custome patch so I can use an Xbox controller, same goes for other game from last gen on Steam like GTA SA and Beyond Good and Evil.6

Silly gameAr2288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

Console Classics imo. Though, there are some out there that put more effort into the remakes then others, it gives those that missed the games the first time around a chance to catch up, plus the little additions make them an even more worthwhile purchases.

Outside_ofthe_Box2288d ago

HD collections are not cash-ins. I'm starting to think that people that hate on HD collections have yet to purchase one because of that perception. If you played the Metal Gear HD Collection there would be no way in hell you'd call that a 'cash cow.'

Plus, there is consumer demand for HD Collections anyway.

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