Lightning and Amodar DLC doesn’t guarantee either will join your FFXIII-2 party

Just because you paid $3 for the Lightning and Amodar DLC doesn't mean both characters immediately join your party when you beat them in battle. Whether or not their monster crystals drop is up to chance and you may have to fight them repeatedly in the hopes of recruiting even one of them.

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Omegabalmung2345d ago

Im probably up to 20+ fights so far and just got Lightning so far and still trying to get Amodar.

Kurisu2345d ago

Took me 15 attempts to get them both. 10 to get Amador, died twice, and 3 more wins to get Lightning.

If people are struggling there is a fragment skill called Monster Catcher which increases the monster crystal drop rate. Not sure by how much.

To get that skill you need to get all the fragments in the vile peaks time periods.

Omegabalmung2345d ago

yup already have that skill but still nothing so far lol. Guess I'll just keep grinding for Amodar but luckily Im already max lvl so the fight is pretty quick.

GraveLord2345d ago

So you wasted $60 on this?

rdgneoz32345d ago

$3 for the DLC apparently, the whole game itself was $60 + tax (depending on where you are / how you ordered).

Work on your math before trolling next time.

p.s. I don't have the game, friends do, but after 13, I'd rather not... Still, math is hard...