God of War 4 and a new Medal of Honor confirmed by a mo-cap animator

If you have any worries about whether Santa Monica studios are currently working on the next installment in the God of War series or not, put your worries to rest.

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hardcore19122287d ago

Wow. I can't wait to play another great gow game.

SSKILLZ2287d ago

And then there will only be chaos

lociefer2287d ago

i just hope its not vita exclusive, wanna play it on ps3

StoneAgeWarfare2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

It would be a epic game for the vita specialy if they can take advantage of its functions.

they can even blend a mini game in the game, specially in those sex sceens the like to put in ;)

But then again, I would Definetly like it too on ps3 to see how far SSS can set the bar from GOW3

Colwyn2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

i cant wait for another playstation exclusive again from sony. it seems like there is a new game announced for playstation every week.

ive never seen a screenshot for god of war 4 and its already a day one purchase for me. playstation exclusives are majority of the time amazing and problem free. most multiplatform titles are on their 10th patch and they are still riddled with problems. to each his own, i only buy multiplatform titles for the pc and i have to buy majority of the ps3 exclusives. im hoping that sony continues the quality trend of playstation games on the ps vita

hardcore19122287d ago

A Gow game with more open-ended structure like Batman: Arkham City will be amazing.

Berserk2287d ago Show
hardcore19122287d ago


Why are you mad? Every gamer should be happy when new games get announced or confirmed.

Solid_Snake372287d ago


Berserkers gonna berserk

Motorola2287d ago

@Berserk Because too much of a good thing is bad :)

tarbis2287d ago

Why don't you get off this site and become something useful. Like a broom for example.

sikbeta2287d ago

IF it's going to have the lenght of III, I'll get it for cheap in the bargain, III could have been the best GOW, hope they make it more than a 5/6 hours game and without lame places like that gigantic box

GribbleGrunger2287d ago

@Bersek: how do you know they're always saying how GREAT Sony exclusives are? surely you would be too busy playing all those Kinect exclusives to have the time to

humbleopinion2287d ago

Colwyn, another way to interpret your "i only buy multiplatform titles for the pc and i have to buy majority of the ps3 exclusives" is basically you distrusting the quality of your PS3 as a hardware product:
You mention you buy all the multiplatforms on the PC because you claim that the games don't work very well on the PS3, and you buy the exclusives on the PS3 - only because they're exclusive (so effectively because you can't play them on other platforms where they theoretically might have also played better - just like their multiplatform friends).

rexbolt2287d ago

you kiss to much sony butt lol and i think a new god of war is kinda soon dident theyalready have one on ps3? i guess its not to soon but i think they can leave metal of honer alone theres lik 90 games out there ha are identical and ps3 multyplats r thr worst btw i dono why u say other wise o.0

Ser2286d ago

Anyone who disagreed is jelly because Sony is assaulting us gamers with release after release.

There's NO such thing as too many good video games. I hate to use this term, but haters gonna hate.

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salinidus2287d ago

the info that gow4 was imminent was piling up i wish it would have been an E3 reveal though with no leaks of anykind it would have been from left field
i can't wait to start seeing info or trailers for god or war 4

TheFallenAngel2287d ago

I cant wait neither!!! I been wanting to play with Kratos in HD again. I'm the God of War.

undisputed2287d ago

Are you guys jealous or something? Can't stand the fact that the PS3 has games to talk about or something?

Canary2287d ago

I'm a bit mixed. Santa Monica can prodcue damned fine games, but I don't think I can take any more of Kratos. I haven't hated a protagonist in a game that much since CJ in San Andreas.

INC NATE21312287d ago

jeez and people say halo was milked, the 4th title in 5 years, holy shit, can you say milked!? its still a great game but nothing ever changes, same old gameplay with nothing new added, just better graphics and a new story to go with the same old gameplay...which btw halo is totally milked and out done

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RedDeadLB2287d ago

God damn it now I have to get a PS3 again..

PC_Enthusiast 2287d ago

why would you even get rid off your playstation 3 to begin with? don't tell me you got a ps3 for god of war 3 alone..

thedude442287d ago

why would u get rid of it lol

INC NATE21312287d ago

because every single multiplatform game runs and looks better on 360. i only have my ps3 for 3 games, uncharted, lbp and killzone.

IRetrouk2287d ago

Wow, that was pretty intense, umm ok, I think?

ziggurcat2287d ago

shouldn't have gotten rid of it...

better reign in that knee of yours to prevent it from jerking and raging anytime sony makes any kind of business decision.

RedDeadLB2287d ago

I didn't get rid of it. I had two and they both died (YLOD)

GribbleGrunger2287d ago

that's unlucky. if you do get one again consider where you but it and the ventilation

francknara62287d ago

Yet another rumour...

The game is just


Sony, announce it now...

BitbyDeath2287d ago

GOW4 on the PS4.
Make it happen Sony.

TheFallenAngel2287d ago

Are you crazy? I can't wait for another God of War.

BitbyDeath2287d ago

But the awesomeness would be overwhelming if they showed off a target trailer at E3 XD