What Mario can teach Call of Duty about taking a bullet

Modern shooters have nothing on Super Mario when it comes to pain. Why do today's games insist on being so gentle with us?

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Sadie21002323d ago

I *LOVE* the idea of being crippled or having some kind of disadvantage from being shot in a shooter. I'd play so much less recklessly and more realistically if there were real risks involved.

THR1LLHOUSE2323d ago

That would be so crazy...I'd probably love it the first time and then get increasingly tired of it...but MGS3 is one of my favorite games and that touched on that idea a bit.

C_Menz2323d ago

A few games already do this, most popular is the Operation Flashpoint franchise. Most casual gamers hate it though, to realistic for them.

HeartDisease2323d ago

you hit the nail on the head. most casuals hate it. guess who buys most games? guess who is the majority in gaming now? guess who developers make games for nowadays?

i laugh at the fact most shooters do not even have team damage enabled by default. how realistic is that? imagine the tactical style of play that would come with having to plan your assault around not being in cross fire from friendly units?

the whole move toward auto regenerating health is what has killed my love for shooters i think. i remember playing mass effect 2. taking on multiple enemies across a ravine. i would chip one down only to have him pop back up a minute later with regenerated health while i was shooting at his buddy. what a crap way of artificially increasing difficulty.

Army_of_Darkness2323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

One thing I Respect Nintendo for is that they're mario games and their other franchises are always getting improvements in most, if not every sequel.... Unlike COD, more of the same stuff, just different "Locations"....

GraveLord2323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

Any Mario game improvements are very minor just like COD improvements.

But at least COD is modern. Not stuck in the 1990s

madjedi2323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

Actually i would put mario in the early 2000's, but that was sm sunshine, i can't speak for the wii mario's since i have yet to play them.

Cod uses a heavily modified quake 3 engine, i wouldn't call a 1990's engine modern by any terms.

Now if only nintendo didn't rely on mario, zelda and metriod repeatedly and try to establish a new ip for a change, but good luck with that.

You mean the nes mario's right.

Dantheman12322d ago

at least we are not gay or trolling

scrambles2322d ago

A lot of mario games are just Mario 64 + new environment + new mechanics. Theyre cool but mario really cant go anywhere now

solidt122323d ago

great article, at first I was like WTF but I'm glad I read it.