Is The PS Vita Advance Launch Worth The Money? | GameBlurb

GameBlurb writes, "I am ready to admit my fault and do an about-face on the 3G version of the PS Vita...not because I want it for the 3G capabilities, but because I want it before everyone else."

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jaidek2197d ago

After being burned by the Nintendo 3DS price drop so quickly after launch, I think I am going to take the wait and see approach on the PS Vita. The system and killer launch games aren't going anywhere and they will be cheaper when I do take the plunge.

fluffydelusions2197d ago

Not really interested in the early bundle. Don't want the 3G nor Little Deviants. Want the Wifi version personally along with FIFA, and Uncharted and Gravity Rush when it comes out.

f7897902197d ago

Don't expect a price drop until next Spring. No way Sony is going to lower the price until after the first Christmas where a bunch of people get it for Christmas.

Shang-Long2197d ago

im hopin to pick up a nice black Friday bundle

MasterCornholio2197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )

Lol love it how people expect Sony to follow Nintendos foot steps. As for me I personally don't believe that Sony will drop the price anytime soon because they unlike Nintendo with the 3DS at launch are selling the Vita at a loss. What I'm trying to say here is that I don't think that Sony can afford to drop the price.

But yes I do agree that Nintendo's actions with the price drop will have a negative impact on some of the sales for the Vita.


FriedGoat2197d ago

They aren't selling the vita at a loss.

Waddy1012197d ago

@FriedGoat Yes they are.

FriedGoat2197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )

I see, so the components cost $160 I very much doubt that with the other factors constructing, delivery ect the vita sells at a loss. Could i have some recent proof please?

Waddy1012197d ago

@FriedGoat Just because the parts cost $160 doesn't mean that it costs $160 to make each console right from the get go.
They sunk a lot of money from R & D into the device and the UI for the device so whilst each device will sell for a profit they will have a net loss until they re-gain the money that was spent.

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shak2197d ago

Totally worth the extra $50

tweet752197d ago

no.....unless you are a collector put it away unopened for 20 years it might make money on it. Otherwise it is rediculous to pay that extra money to get it one week in advance

rezzah2197d ago

It is worth the price as the game, limited edition hard case, and memory card add up pass the extra cost.

Also if you looked around you would of found bundles being offered by sellers. Best Buy added Uncharted (50) in Canada.

Coltrane_C2197d ago

Well I will be playing it tomorrow...So I enjoy wasting money....Jelly?

jujubee882197d ago

Whe I get my PS VITA at launch, I know EXACTLY what I am purchasing - a device worth well over the $249 starting point.

ElementX2197d ago

Until the early adopters start reporting issues with them in a few months.

Waddy1012197d ago

Early adopters being those in Japan who got them last year?
The few issues that they have had have been fixed or are currently being fixed.

360GamerFG2197d ago

Actually its WORTH VALUE is $160 excluding shipment and stuff.

Waddy1012197d ago

Actaully no it's not. Just because the parts cost $160 doesn't mean the console should.
They still had to spend money working out the best way for them to work together, spend money designing a whole new user interface for it and spend money assembling the device etc.
For what you get $249 is a very good price.

jujubee882197d ago

Shuhei Yoshida responded via his official twitter account that the figure was just speculation and before that every Playstation rep said that the VITA was sold at a loss.

videoxgamexfanboy2197d ago

Im driving home with my vita as i type this and for some reason all im thinking about is going to bed when i get home lol. Not a good sign but im sure ill get my moneys worth once the real games start coming out. I only got it early cause i had money to blow. I would suggest waiting unless money is no object.

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