Soul Calibur V review (SoLastGen)

Pushing 17 years into the Soul Calibur timeline, we now find ourselves battling through a barrage of enemies as Patroklos. Son of Sophitia and Rothion, he begins his weapon wielding journey to find his sister Pyrrha. Patroklos is joined by new characters, Z.W.E.I. and Viola, as they battle through 20 episodes to defeat the malfested. Pyrrha, abducted by Tira (the wielder of the ring blade) is manipulated into fighting against her will. Pushing your way through the story, we are caught up on some of the events that have taken place over the last 17 years. Moving from episode to episode we are introduced to Yan Leixia, Xiba and Natsu, new characters which have replaced some of our old favorites. As the story progresses, brother and sister evolve into more powerful unlockable characters wielding the most powerful weapons of all. Patroklos now brandishing the Soul Calibur and Pyrrha the Soul Edge, the epic battle unfolds. The story mode took only a few hours to complete on norma...

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