GTA IV iCEnhancer 2.0 screenshots

A tonne screenshots for the popular GTA IV graphics mod from iCEnhancer have been released showing the newest version 2.0 in all its glory.

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MrGunny942203d ago

Now only if the GTA:SA engine could handle this stuf... dammit..

TABSF2203d ago

If GTA V does not look this good on PC then you know Rockstar are taking the pi$$

Modders these days are just making developers look silly
They release:

* Community patches
* Better graphics
* Performance optimisers
* Community content
* All for FREE!!!

Taz Yamauchi2203d ago

I just got a new gtx 580 and I need to try these mods

wallis_esg2203d ago

Its not the fact that they as "taking the pis$$" but it would be nice for a greater range of graphics options and more optimisation! E.G super low all the way to iCEnhancer status.