Sanctum Collection Review (GodisaGeek)

GodisaGeek: "When it comes to Tower Defence games, a lot of us will feel like we’ve played them all before. We’ve all sat there and played them, whether they’re on the iPad, the iPhone, an Android device or just the good old fashioned Personal Computer. Can there really be anything else developers can squeeze out of a genre that’s so tried and tested? Is it as good as it can get with the likes of Spice Invaders and the upcoming DOTA 2? Coffee Stain Studios certainly don’t think so and March of last year saw the release of Sanctum, a FPS Tower Defence game (yes, you read the right) where all of the same tactics that you’ve developed over the years playing “normal” Tower Defence games will still apply; only this time you’re in a first person viewpoint. Does is make it any better though? What about making it worse?"

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