Uncharted: Golden Abyss: The Kotaku Review

Kotaku -Now that I've played it, I can report that yes, Golden Abyss is an Uncharted game to the core. But too often it feels like an off-brand copy, and despite doing its best to make use of the Vita's unique features, it brings nothing new of substance to the table.

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TheMrMadzen2224d ago

These people do know that this is a game for a handheld system, right? Because it sure as hell doesn't sound like it!

NAGNEWS2224d ago

you sir just got troled by kotaku

badz1492224d ago

this is the review written with a hatred in mind before playing the game! it's like they were playing the game to find things they can complaint and not trying to enjoy it at a slightest! FAIL!'s Kotaku, FAIL is their middle name!

"brings nothing new of substance to the table." - THAT alone already making the review 0 in value! charcoal rubbing, sixaxis aiming, taking pictures, boat rowing, touch platforming(optional), lots of puzzles = nothing new to the table? what table is THAT, Kotaku? Table of your STUPIDITY or what?

I am almost getting the Platinum and is playing on Crushing now. If anybody is looking for a game that showcase what the Vita is capable of and still being a great game, Uncharted GA is THAT game!

phantomexe2224d ago

This seems a little off considering the other reviews were good. You guys should read the full review. When ask should you play it the answer was NO. I read on i think it was ign but maybe not it played out better then uncharted 3. Regardless day 1 for me.

Blastoise2224d ago

"Should you play this game NO" What the hell? Really? If its got the great Uncharted gameplay and is good enough to be compared to the PS3 titles then why not?

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KeePeR_212224d ago

It's sickening that every review that I have read today of the vita or its games consisted of iphone/ipad/3ds/ console software comparisons. Take the UC:GA Reviews for example, almost every review states that it does this like UC3 or doesnt do this like UC3, but when they review Super Mario Land 3D they dont say "It does'nt do this like Super Mario Galaxy or etc." A. Its a dedicated gaming device, A game made today maxxing out the iPad 2's abilities cant hold a candle to UC:GA, and it's a launch title that barely scratched the surface of the Vita's potential. B. As much as it closely resembles a console experience, it isn't a home console, but the fact that your even comparing it to home consoles is a great feat. on its own. C. Proprietary is all of a sudden a problem? When the PS3 launched i didnt seem to see anyone applaud the fact that you can charge a PS3 controller with a 99 cent usb cord, or bye your own hard drive replacement for less than $50 that can provide you with tons of memory. I didnt hear anyone complain about the xbox 360 and all of there "Propietary" accessories. I mean 29.99 to charge a controller, and 129.99 for a large hard drive in comparison to what sony was doing shouldve been a outrage, but it wasnt. My word of advice, Get off sony's digital "Nuts". Vita is here, and it is hands down the best portable gaming device ever created, plain and simple.

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danny8182224d ago

dear goodness im glad i never visit kotaku. my japanese friend had his dad import the vita with uncharted and said "it plays good, considering its a handheld"... those words said it all to me, taking a shit will change when i play uncharted on an airport shitter.

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