New Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13 Trailer Showcases New Courses and Players

Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13 is approaching its release date (March the 27th in the US and March the 30th in Europe) and EA Sports just released a new trailer, focusing on the new courses and the new players that will be included in the upcoming installment of the club-swinging franchise.

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sizeofyou2203d ago

And they'll release an absolute shedload of DLC on the day it hits the shelves - as always. Used to enjoy my golf games, but no way I'm buying anymore when the content's ready for inclusion in the retail package but they try and milk the punter for more money. Shame EA.

TheBrit2203d ago

I will gamefly it to mess with kinect for a while - wont buy it nor buy any DLC - betting an online pass is probably needed also for online - forget that.

Dear Microsoft - please bring back Links.

This game is looking nice though, as usual. I think kinect if it functions well will add a great dynamic to the game.