IGN: PlayStation Vita (3G/Wi-Fi) Review

Console-quality gaming arrives on a portable, but at a cost.

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Rageanitus2199d ago

It's funny how the h8rs LOVE to downplay the vita....... they basically are two routes....

"ipod/android is the future of portable game"... yet all these games are time wasters and they are not full fledged games

"the vita is too expensive for whta it is" yet a smarphone has crappier hardware power vs a vita....

its a lose lose situaion in the h8rs mind.

blumatt2199d ago (Edited 2199d ago )

lol @ "but at a cost." Seems like everyone's always got to throw some sort of disclaimer or "but" statement when reviewing the Vita. haha

I don't really care too much what IGN or any other biased site thinks, or even what the unbiased sites think, because all I know is that I'll make up my own mind when I buy my own. I'll likely be giving it a test drive sometime soon at my local Gamestop.
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Who all here is getting one?? If you are, send me a message via PSN.
(PSN: blumatt) I need some Vita friends.

Thatguy-3102199d ago

The vita needs a lot of apps to stay relavent and create a lasting appeal. It should of had access to the android market in order for it to compete with the other devices. Yes phones/tablets dont do quality gaming but they do more than one thing and thats why people like them. Sony need's to get great apps into vita. Near is great but we need Netflix, Hulu plus, YouTube, Tumblr, etc. The more variety the better. Getting this regardless next week !!! Cant Freaking wait!!

baodeus2198d ago

exactly, looks at window phone for example. It is better than the iphone on the tech side, but is just not popular, why because of the apps.

gaden_malak2198d ago

Apps has nothing to do with why the iPhone is more popular than the Windows Phone.

xPhearR3dx2198d ago

Ummm have you seen games like Order and Chaos? Its a full fledged MMO for Android/IOS. Sure there isn't many, but overtime we'll start seeing more bigger and better titles.

moparful992198d ago

Controls for touch phone games are atrocious.. YOu have much better control fidelity with analog sticks and physical buttons.. Regardless of hardware specs...

xPhearR3dx2198d ago

Its called a USB controller. I never said the games or the controls were perfect. I'm saying there are full fledged titles for Android/IOS.

moparful992198d ago

Ok having to carry around a controller to have adequate control option for your iphone/android shows just how inferior phones are for games.. Gaming on phone is so successful because they are bite sized simpleton games that are easy to pick up, play, and walk away from and they are super cheap... Full fledged games are better suited on a dedicated handheld end of disscussion

Spinal2198d ago

You guys just don't realize a smartphone is a PHONE. the vita is NOT A PHONE. This is why Smartphones can sell at £500 minus a contract or free on contract for £40 per month which includes my free calls to other t-mob and 900mins to other networks, unlimited internet and 600 txts on my iPhone 4s.

>>>>>The Vita/3DS have a problem they don;t allow you to insert your mobile sim card and recieve calls and make calls THIS IS THE PROBLEM<<<


This is why a Smartphone can have worse hardware but have a higher price cause its simply does what the Vita/3ds Cannot do. Yet. Hopefully one day Sony/Nintendo will make a Phone/Portable Console (better than the Xperia Play)

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Ilovetheps42199d ago

I want the Vita but I can't afford it at the moment. I bought a 3DS at launch but now that I am in college I can't afford it. Whenever I get more money I will definitely buy one. It looks awesome and the hardware is amazing.

admiralthrawn872199d ago (Edited 2199d ago )

uh oh. internet wide alert, sony fanboys are raging.

other than that, fair score. the idea of the vita is a little too late. you can bitch all you want but it's true, this is going to suffer due to the iphone/android/ipad

3ds will do good because it differentiates itself from a console. i just can't see many people other than sony defense buying this. i'm not buying either handheld so my opinions are objective

Dakidog2199d ago

You do have 2 bubbles for a reason, don't act like you're not a up and just deal with it.

On Topic

I'll be buying a Vita wifi model because AT&T is useless and data plans are just plain ridiculous now a days. It's fair to criticize the Vita(as it is not perfect)on the 3G battery consumption, but I hope they did the same for the 3DS wifi because I always find myself turning it off to conserve battery life.

UltimateIdiot9112199d ago

Just because you're not buying either it doesn't make your opinions objective.

I have the 3DS. I have a high end smartphone. I have tried and already preorder the 3G Vita. If anything, I say my opinion is more objective than yours as I actually own/tried all that is being compared.

1) The Vita is not too little too late. It has an extremely beautiful screen, the colors are vibrant. The touch screen is extremely responsive, the touch pad on the back is great. The controls/buttons are solid. Name me one phone that or system besides the PSVita that is using a back side multitouch pad and a front touchscreen together.
2) It has sixaxis motion. It doesn't need 3D because 3D just doesn't add much to gameplay nor does it work well with motion control.
3) The prices on the PSN/SEN network are far more fair and reasonable than the 3DS. I want to buy something from Nintendo eShop but the prices are just ridiculously high.
4) Any gamer more than casual will appreciate buttons far more than tap and flick on smartphones/tablets. Trying to play GTA 3 on my andriod is an incredibly annoying experience especially when you need to pull off quick and more precise moves.
5) The PSVita is clearly not going after the casual market right this moment, they are later. As a more than casual gamer, I appreciate that because there is the understanding that the PSVita is meant for gamers who wants to game.

thedude442198d ago

you see me raging? im thrilled! 8.5 is great! :)

moparful992198d ago

Your opinion is far from subjective. You state that the idea of the vita is too late and the 3ds will do well because it differentiates itself from a console?

Give me a break, you obviously have an agenda and you are trying to hide behind the veil of a non bias perspective... The 3ds is a Ds with 3d which does very little to be unique yet you bash the vita because smartphones have touch screen gaming? Your words are rife with contradictions..

Just because something else has touch screen doesnt make it oudated... How many other handheld gaming devices have the software support of the vita with the specs and not only a multi touch 5" oled screen but a rear touch panel that seemlessly integrates touch controls with buttons and dual analog sticks?

If thats not enough to warrant respect then I question your gaming clout...

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christheredhead2199d ago

The score is great and the Vita looks awesome. People will complain no matter what, even if it scored an 11 out of 10.

gamingisnotacrime2199d ago

Ign always trying to be all cool giving below 9 to what is arguably the biggest breakthrough in portable gaming. So glad I'm getting mine this Wednesday so that ign articles can't tell me what the vita is, but I will know first hand

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