PS Vita Taken On London Underground/ Bus/ Toilet!?!?!

Journalist Danny Walker from the UK’s RWD Magazine has taken Sony’s forthcoming PS Vita on a bit of a special journey when reviewing Uncharted Golden Abyss… :)

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Colwyn2258d ago

I can't wait. Buying two first day

Starbucks_Fan2258d ago

I'm buying 3. One for myself, one for my cat, and one for my guinea pig.

brettyd2258d ago

@colwyn you take being a fanboy to a whole new level!

Will be getting mine when i return home from Mardi Gras (if i return)

NAGNEWS2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

are you sure your not a trol?

HardcoreGamer2258d ago

reminds me of garcia and johnson, from their other game shadows of the damned. lol. this is gonna be a blast

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