Top 10 Upcoming Games of 2012

Every year brings a crop of new games, and 2012 is no different.

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Myst2170d ago

Mass Effect 3 definitely for me. Not so sure on Resident Evil 6 but willing to give it a shot, I will also throw out Raccoon City as perhaps being one as well. Perhaps...

Kingscorpion19812170d ago (Edited 2170d ago )

I would rather put Silent Hill on this list over resident evil 6!

Myst2170d ago

I kind of forgot the HD collection was coming out in..March? Well sometime this year that's all I remember and it being pretty close.

Kingscorpion19812170d ago

March 6 for the Silent Hill HD collection and March 13 for Silent Hill Downpour! :)

Kingscorpion19812170d ago

Starhawk for sure since I'm playing the beta but Dust 514 I will have to wait and see until I play the beta!