The 25 best PC games of 2012

Looks like it will be a vintage year for PC owners...

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Marcello2289d ago

Bioshock is my most wanted, it will truly be an amazing game.

ATi_Elite2289d ago

Dear Emag editors....

Stop treating the PC like it's a console and making PC Game list that contain a bunch of console titles. Your CRAPPY list left out SO MANY big name PC titles that's it's so obvious that what ever Arse Clown that made this list knows ZERO about PC gaming.

Just admit you have NO CLUE about PC Gaming and please get in contact with someone who does (like myself) so they can make a proper PC Gaming list of great games for 2012.

Planetside 2
Arma III
DotA 2
Counter Strike Global Offensive
Tera Online
The Secret World
Diablo III
Shogun 2: Fall of the Samurai
WoW Mist of Pandaria
Starcraft 2 Heart of The Swarm
World of Planes
Tribes Ascend
End of Nations
X Rebirth
Super Monday Night Combat
Mech Warrior Online
Torchlight 2
Carrier Commander Gaea Mission
Blacklight Retribution
Ghost Recon Online
Dear Esther
Path of Exile

KeiserSosay47882289d ago

Definitely looking forward to Arma 3 and Diablo 3.

Saryk2289d ago

I still haven't played most of the games I bought last year.