Mass Effect 3 - Better with Kinect? 15 minute video

With the Mass Effect 3 demo becoming available to all soon, the question is raised as to whether the much touted voice commands make for a better playing experience.

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bunt-custardly2257d ago

Nice. Finally use Kinect for something where I don't look like a muppet.

RaidensRising2257d ago

"open door"

Is it really worth forking out for Kinect for one game?

IM_KINECTED2257d ago

I don't think many people look at it that way. There are a few games that are "Better with Kinect" that make it worth owning, Child Of Eden, Forza 4, Halo CEA, Mass Effect 3 and Ghost Recon.

The implementation of Kinect is just a little something extra. There are different reasons to own one, I know a couple of people who own one just for the voice commands/gestures on the dash and media functions.

So I guess it's all in the eye of the beholder.

I'm looking forward to the voice commands in Mass Effect 3, I was skeptical at first, but they look like they are going to add a lot to someone like me and they don't take away anything from anyone or gimp the game in any way. So if you have a Kinect and want to try this, good on you...if not, then you don't have to use this feature.

Options are good.

JellyJelly2257d ago

No, but if you already own one or you're looking to buy one you might want to pick up Mass Effect 3 also.

Do you usually buy a console just for one game alone?

fluffydelusions2257d ago

Anyone know how long the SP is?

Blacktric2257d ago

Bioware confirmed that it'll be around the same length as Mass Effect 2 but with more replay value.

DaThreats2257d ago

Can be possible with just a mic or eyetoy 2
Nothing new

fluffydelusions2257d ago

Yeah, I wonder how much MS paid them for this.

DeathAvengers2256d ago

They said kinect was better than mics at blocking out enemy voice and better at detecting accents and voice variations. Kinect hate, nothing new.

Forza_is_King2256d ago

Yes it can be, but it wasn't so your argument is pointless. 360 version has it, PS3 version doesn't.

Simple as that. Don't be so angry that the Mass Effect franchise is just best be played on the 360 over the PS3.

Just like most games.

Nothing new.

Dlacy13g2256d ago

Kinect already offers custom speech recognition that the Eyetoy 2 doesnt have. It also has 4 array mics to pic up the voice commands better. It does voice command better than what is on the market now. So unless a company wants to go out and spend tens of thousands on custom software or make their own voice recognition software from scratch...Kinect is the better option.

dcbronco2256d ago

Oh, if they only had a brain. Seems hate is always based on ignorance.

ninjahunter2256d ago

It can be done but it hasnt, and wont. So argument isnt strong.

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Ryo-Hazuki2257d ago

More options are good. But I don't see the point of using the feature. Who would want to talk the entire time when all you have to do is click the sentence. I can see somebody trying in out initially but will quickly get tired of it

m232256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

Yeah, I'll probably try it out but I doubt I'll be playing through the whole campaign while using Kinect. It is nice to see some support from some hardcore games though.

Forza_is_King2256d ago

Do some more research. While in battle you can speak commands to your team without stopping in the middle of gameplay and taking yourself out of the immersion by using the command wheel.

Kinect implementation does more than just speaking an option while in a conversation.

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