IGN:Dear Esther Review

IGN:This commercial release of a former Source mod justifies the price

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ardivt2171d ago

I think it would really help the gaming industry if we all bought this game and showed publishers by this, that innovation is wanted by the consumer.

Hufandpuf2171d ago

Why buy a game that's not really a game? I'm all for creativity, but I'd only buy this if I'm in to scenery which I'm not.

Before you start disagreeing, I'm not against you buying it, I just don't see what this kind of media is trying to prove.

Ilovetheps42171d ago

To me, gaming is about enjoying myself. I don't always have to be competitive. To date, my favorite downloadable game is Flower. It's creative, has a loose objective and is just about enjoying the time while you are playing it. That's why I am interested in this. Gaming doesn't always have to be action packed. Sometimes it's about just relaxing and having some enjoyment.

Ilovetheps42171d ago

I hadn't heard of this game before IGN's review, but it sounds very interesting. I enjoyed flower a lot. You couldn't die. You couldn't lose. You just enjoyed it. This game sounds similar in a way and I really want to try it now.

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