PS Vita: Unit 13 Gameplay (5 Minutes)

A YouTube user has uploaded 5 minutes of gameplay from the upcoming game Unit 13 For the PS Vita.

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NukaCola2323d ago

This looks great. The visuals are good, the cover system and shooting mechanics look incredible. Story seems like it's a bit generic and designed for co-op fun and simple pick up and play, but the core gameplay elements look solid. Makes me want a MGS or Siphon Filter.

teedogg802323d ago

Games like this is what I'm getting the Vita for. Only 2 days left for me. Already got Uncharted and Wipeout with me now.

gtxgamer22323d ago

i got uncharted and little deviants lol, but seeing the games and not having a vita is teasing me sooo much. cant wait!