Rockstar Games: L.A. Noire Sequel A Possiblity

GameBlurb writes, "While the studio behind L.A. Noire is no longer around, Rockstar Games isn't necessarily going to kill the franchise."

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DankJemo2202d ago

I would honestly be surprised if they didn't make a sequel to this game... It was pretty popular, at this point though I would like to see a lot more games from Rockstar.

NYC_Gamer2202d ago

i enjoyed the approach of L.A Noire even though the gameplay was very limited.

Gordo7892202d ago

Did this game sell well? Given the heinous development cycle of the first game I'd actually be surprised if they went back for more.

Felinox2202d ago

Im sure ill get disagrees but i thought this was the most overhyped game of 2011. I finished it but was left wondering why everybody was so gaga over this game.

Reborn2202d ago (Edited 2202d ago )

It was mainly the tech which prompted the hype. I at least enjoyed the game though, I must say.

LarVanian2202d ago (Edited 2202d ago )

I think this franchise definitely has some potential. I think Rockstar just needs to add some more gameplay elements to it. We should have the option of shooting criminals in the leg and arresting them, rather than having to always kill them and there should also be more outcomes to questioning suspects/witnesses. It would be great if the game had mutiple endings depending on the choices you made. Imagine the game ending with your character becoming Commissioner or being fired and jailed because you were a bent cop throughout the game.
If Rockstar do make a sequel they should try a new city in a new era and maybe even a new country. Can you imagine the sequel taking place in 1970s London or Manchester? Or maybe even modern day Toronto? It would be a nice little break from America, I mean almost every single crime/gangster related game takes place in America or involves American characters.

Base3602202d ago

Personally I found the game to be one of the bests of its year! True the gameplay was a little limited and the I agree with LarVanian! Why did we always have to kill them?!?!? I would defiantly bring some more customisation in! The choices that are made should also have a wider effect on the surrounding environment!

I completely agree, without a doubt, about taking the new game into a new city or era!

Overall I know that I would be a first in line to buying a sequel to this amazing game!

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