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VGW: Platformers are a dying breed. Though they defined the early days of arcade and console gaming, the advent of 3D engines signaled a decline in the “jump from place to place” genre pioneered by the brothers Mario.

Things seemed to turn around a decade ago, when Naughty Dog brought out Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy on the Playstation 2. Borrowing heavily from Super Mario 64, this landmark release set the bar for 3D platforming in the 2000′s. Two sequels followed over the next three years, rounding out the requisite trilogy. Now 11 years later, Sony has re-released the Jak and Daxter franchise, remastered in HD for the PS3, making this hallmark of recent gaming history available to a new generation of players– but does it hold up after all these years?

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TheMrMadzen2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

What the hell man!?

Minato-Namikaze2317d ago

Having so much fun with this collection. It holds up pretty well to me.

LoLZoRz2317d ago

Jak and Daxter TPL is still the best platformer I have ever played.

It has such a beautiful world, great animations and graphics, perfect controls and awesome characters.