Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Top 5 Improvements that Might Arrive as DLC

It is being said that the next big DLC that will arrive for "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" will introduce Waygates that will let you travel faster than usual. An environment data could be loaded in the game in the future to travel faster to destinations making the load times minimal.

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Kos-Mos2169d ago

People still playing this game?

Slugg3r2169d ago

I just started over again after clocking +200 hours when it came out. Creation kit just came out and there is already tons of game improving mods and more coming every day. Gotta love Steam workshop even though that limit on mods you can subscibe at the same time is annoying.

Canary2169d ago

I don't have much faith in Bethesda adding much to the game.

I'm hoping to try my hand at modding to fix what I view as the biggest problems with Skyrim--bad quest design and shoddy writing. Do some stuff like add multiple ways to solve each quest (the standard good/evil/neutral routes), and expand on the end-game to allow the player to actually effect the world... become King of Skyrim by joining the Stormcloaks, aiding the imperials, or even forming his/her own army.

There are, of course, many mechanical and aesthetic changes I'd like to make, but my skills are better suited to the more literary aspects of the game.

Almir9082169d ago

How about having the option to ride a dragon?

gypsygib2168d ago

So now you're expected to buy fundamental gameplay improvements.