Will Gamers Prefer Vita's Touchscreen Over The Analogs?

Although the Vita offers dual analog sticks, shouldn't gamers be more interested in the new technology? If they're not, isn't the touchscreen just a gimmick?

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NYC_Gamer2348d ago

options are always good.but i'll be sticking with the analog sticks for my gaming.

MariaHelFutura2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

2 analog sticks on this device really excites me, the touch screen is a nice addition for secondary functions.

bladednuisance2348d ago

No, they won't!! Trust me, the point of dual joysticks is increased precision, continual awareness, and not covering 20% of the screen with your thumbs, nobody is going to play a FPS via touchscreen on the vital, I guarentee that

supremacy2348d ago

Yeah I am with you on that.

Though I would imagine tapping the screen twice for zoom in games like call of duty or where it makes sense to do.

I wish the vita had L3&R3 functionality, as well as L2, R2 buttons as well. Perhaps come in a different form factor and located on the(space) curve between the L2&R2 shoulder buttons and backtouch surface. That be cool, and maybe include a build in memory.

SandWitch2348d ago

Definitely not for sure. It's good for web browsing and apps, but not for gaming.