Blizzard Loses another 100,000 Subscribers, but don’t Worry MoP Will “Fix”...

World of Warcraft haemorrhaging yet another 100,000 subscribers is just deserts for Blizzard—a company that seems intent on alienating their long terms subscribers and fobbing off the current worries and concerns of their player base with the, ever insulting, “MoP will Fix it”. In fact, they deserved to lose even more subscribers. It was only the holiday period and the genius marketing move that is the Annual Pass that saved their skin from yet another, much greater, humiliating loss. Their complete disregard for PvP throughout the expansion has been utterly appealing and their act of distancing themselves from the current mechanics of Cataclysm is doing very little to inspire their player base.

Blizzard deserves to lose and, yet, no other company has managed to do a better job of the MMO genre, certainly with WoW styled rated PvP. The consequence of SWTOR wasn’t really represented in the loss, but, and let’s be frank, that game is hardly any sort of revolution. How does a company that spits in the face of its customers time and time again still reign supreme? They certainly don’t deserve to, but who’s going to step up and do a better job? We’ll soon see whether Guild Wars 2 will have what it takes.

Today we’ll be taking a look at these issues and why, despite still been supreme, Blizzard shouldn’t be smirking. The future might not look devastating for WoW overall, but it still looks bleak for Blizzard. It should be a wakeup call for them to finally pull their finger out.

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ATi_Elite2289d ago

WoW and it's subscription losses are NOT news.

WoW always loses Subs right before a new expansion that always pushes WoW's sub base even higher.

If WOW gets below 2 million subs in less than 5 months then and ONLY then would i think WoW is in trouble.