Ronaldinho, Crouch, and Gattuso Named Cover Stars for FIFA Street 3

Electronic Arts Inc. announced today that international soccer superstars Ronaldinho, Peter Crouch, and Gennaro Gattuso will be featured world wide on the front packs of FIFA Street 3, the newest iteration of the EA SPORTS BIGTM street soccer arcade series.

FIFA Street 3 brings these players, and others like them, to life as stylized action heroes in a hyper-real world that merges the games biggest stars with environments that pulsate to the music in exotic locations around the world.

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predator3775d ago

oh dear god crouch? do EA not watch football?

Account deleted3775d ago

you are totally right and thank for using the word football not soccer

predator3775d ago

lol thats because this is the real football and i will argue that point with anyone, cant stand it when people call it soccer lol.

anyhow there is about 15 better english players they could of choosen, rooney, lampard, scouse boy (lol), rio, terry i could go on but CROUCH!!

some one needs sacking for that.

Account deleted3775d ago

zlatan ibrahimovic is good player a fantastic one, maybe fifa street in sweden will have him on the cover, you know they change covers like changings papers, but still i don't understand the choice of crouch

sheng long3775d ago

because he's tall & skinny. i can't think of any other reason.

darkSnipar3775d ago

football players must be somewhat tall andd skinny they can't add the image of a fat person to the cover :p

vegavnil3775d ago

I'm tired of always having ronaldinho on every EA cover... What about Kaka' again, he was given the best fotballer of the year!

killer_trap3775d ago

yeah kaka and messi and maybe robinho. now those are players who have skill to play street football style. crouch can't even dribble and gattuso was never know for his technique.

sheng long3775d ago

I think it's time they put messi on the cover.

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