MediaKick Review: Resident Evil Revelations

MediaKick: "There are many conspiracies throughout the entire Resident Evil saga. First we had Umbrella Corporation’s involvement on the outbreak of the T-Virus on Raccoon City, followed by the various outbreaks of mutations in Spain and Africa from radical Bio-Terrorist cells. The series has steadily shifted its focus from the early survival horror days to a more action orientated experience since Resident Evil 4. The changes have been mostly for the better, but one thing that has disappeared almost completely is the “survival” and “horror” aspects, as the series no longer scares in much the same way it did back in the early games but it also gives you too many things to do to the shambling hordes of mutants. Resident Evil: Revelations is keen to bring back the anxiety by placing the action on an isolated cruise ship, while giving the series another taste of 3D. The truth is out there, but is it worth seeking?"

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