Rockstar: 'No New GTA IV 360 Exclusive Content'

Rockstar has told Next-Gen that there has been no announcement regarding new, exclusive Grand Theft Auto IV content for Microsoft's Xbox 360, as widely reported.

Reports of newly announced Xbox 360-bound Grand Theft Auto IV episodic content spread following Tuesday's Take-Two fourth quarter results conference call, in which company executives noted that exclusive GTA IV episodic content would be making its way to Xbox 360 in fiscal year 2009. While a number of publications have reported that the comments meant that previously unannounced content had been revealed, Rockstar has moved to clear up the speculation.

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TANOD3778d ago

thx ROCKSTAR for clarifying

TANOD3778d ago

PS3 will also get its episodic content. It was revealed by GT if you are unaware.

If you really wanna enjoy NEXT GEN GRAPHICS then you need HDMI 1.3 compatible PORT and CABLE

there is no other way round

Daz3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

I do know but it will not be that much of a difference unless we start getting picky and have a 60 incg tv lol which i dont have.

Yes my ps3 in connected up with a 45 pound hdmi lead, and yes uncharted looks great.

But i see what happens before i make up my mind what console to get gtaIV it on.

Multigamer3778d ago

still, if you want the real version of GTA 4 than you have to have/get a 360

TANOD3778d ago

PLUS i have HDMI 1.3 compatible cable for PS3 and x360 doesnt even support HDMI 1.3

The pictures looks dead sharp when on HDMI 1.3

as u have seen with AC videos ..............

If you want to get the real ultra crisp version of GTA 4 on A SINGLE DISC then u have to get the PS3 version

Daz3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

whats hdmi got to do with exclusive content? Also how you know how many discs its going to be on 1, 2 what ever, im not bothered unlike some lazy people.

The Killer3778d ago

ps3 owners will get LA noire and even GTA V! so i think rockstar will balance it! 360 owners will be happy with their extra content and we(ps3 owners) will be happy with GTA V or LA noire! rockstart made a deal with sony to make 3 exclusives, so the probability is high that it will be GTA 5 or/and LA noire!
every one will be happy like this but ps3 owners will be more happy because we will get new IP's and probably GTA 5 also as exclusive! while 360 owner will get GTA 4 episode 1,2 and 3. i think these episodes will last for many years, like half life 2, so dont worry 360 owners u will get something that we cant get and vise versa!

N4M3L3553778d ago

Stop with the pissing contest. You sound like you're 10.

eLiNeS3778d ago

I knew Fony fandroids where stupid but I didn't think they where dumb also. Face it, the Xbox 360 will get two episodes that the PofS3 will NOT!!! Don't mention other games R* is coming out for the PofS3, this isn't the place!

You can mention other versions of HDMI all you want but at the end of the day the Xbox 360 version will be the best in more ways then one!!!

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THC CELL3778d ago

x box can keep there contents

gta5 only for ps3

TANOD3778d ago

so u have to get 2/3 DVDS or a single layer BD disc.

we will see what happens

BUT i know from a very reliable source that GTA 4 will take up 2 DVDS on x360 and a single BD DISC on PS3

tethered3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )


Provide us a link to this very reliable source or we will continue to believe you are talking outa your A$S.

TANOD3778d ago

since the PS3 gamers are all asleep and the xbox gamers are all awake.


what a difference a BAD NEWS can make to the approval of certain stories

Capt CHAOS3778d ago

The fact that the east wakes up way before north america, you have more PS3 owners online early in the morning (london time), than in the eve..

predator3778d ago

doesnt bother me, and before you ask, i have both consoles and ill be getting the 360 version for the added content (oh and acheivments, imagine what rockstar have up their sleves for them).

cant wait for this game.

Daz3778d ago

Same here, i dont care how many discs it comes on i want the exclusive content lol.

Happy gaming