Video Game Footage on YouTube – Bad for Business?

DJP's Dan:

"In today’s digital age, you can’t browse YouTube without stumbling across thousands of video clips dedicated to showcasing video games and their various features. Some people actually play video games and upload their footage to YouTube for a living through partnerships with the likes of Machinima. But looking at this from the angle of the developer or publisher, is having your entire game splashed all over the internet, free to view, a good thing? Any person can jump on YouTube and watch entire playthroughs of video games from the opening cinematics until the credits roll and you do wonder, is this bad for business?"

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NYC_Gamer2296d ago

It's the players choice to watch the whole walkthrough. i have brought many games based on watching some parts of gameplay from youtube.

turokgames2296d ago

It is quite stupid though that on recent channels, YouTube inquires you have a commentary on your gameplay. Which can sometimes ruin the game especially in the cut scense.

MAJ0R2295d ago

YouTube is wrong, gameplay is fair use even if it doesn't have commentary because you interacting with the game is enough to make it your work, and your work alone (unlike movies where its just a plain video). Not sure about cutscenes, those seem more controversial.

rajman2295d ago (Edited 2295d ago )

When did they say that? I've been doing playthroughs of games for about 3 years now and partnered with a big gaming network (take a guess) and I've never done commentary...nor have I been told that I must do it

Dlacy13g2296d ago

Personally I like checking gameplay on youtube for games I am unsure on and that have no demo available.

SixZeroFour2296d ago

im on the same boat as you...ive never watched a full walkthrough, but i do like watching bits of it to see the graphics/gameplay in action rather than based off screens and written (p)reviews

wingman32x2295d ago

I actually like watching Lets Play's. They're very hit and miss, but some of them are extremely informed about the game they're covering, and you end up learning new things. Especially for the older games.

banjadude2295d ago

"Especially for the older games"

I cannot stress this part enough. When I'm on the search for older games, it's hard for me to judge if my money is worth it, by just images/pictures. When I can go on youtube and see some gameplay footage (even if it is only a few minutes), it helps greatly!

AtomicGerbil2295d ago

YouTube is a valuable resource when it comes to making an informed decision whether to purchase a game or not, although I can see it being an issue for developers and publishers if they have made a bad game.

Flavor2295d ago

Sadly, its all about money - ad money that is. Just about every walkthrough has paid ads before the video, superimposed over the video, and to the sides of the video. I mean, hey, beats actually working for a living, right?
If you watch alot of these, you see that the players don't care about finding secrets/ skills/ showing off, or what have you. They basically stumble through the game.

Also, take note that youtube allows very long videos now. Breaking them up into smaller chunks is done solely for the purpose of playing more ads, squeezing more dollars out of dumb companies.

I've read quite a few comments posted at the final walkthrough installments along the lines of 'saved me a rental', 'Glad I didn't buy it', etc. So yeah, maybe they should keep people from posting the entire games... at least single player games.

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The story is too old to be commented.