Things you can buy for the price of a top-end gaming system

MyGaming specs a top-end gaming system - a really, really top-end system - and then show you what else the same money can buy. Warning: article contains mayonnaise. Lots of mayonnaise. All prices are in South African Rands (ZAR)

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CrimsonEngage2198d ago

And what does this equal in DOLLARS?

zeal0us2198d ago

Close to 23k in usd and 17.2k in euros

ATi_Elite2198d ago

I rather have the PC!

I could use the PC to make my money back or take over a small country.

Neko_Mega2198d ago

Lame, for 26k I can get a computer with 48GB of ram and it comes with 4 year upgrade plan (If it every needs a upgrade).

Faelan2198d ago

There are top-end systems and then there are over the top systems. That system in the article is a perfect example of going over the top.

If I had that much money to blow, I'd spend it more wisely and still end up with a kick-ass system, a nice long vacation at some exotic location, a cool watch to show off and more mayonnaise than I can hope to use before the expiration date is up. I'd skip the car though. No need for that where I live.