The PlayStation Vita: The Kotaku Review

If you're in a hurry, you simply need to know that the PlayStation Vita is a very good portable video game machine that excels in ways that Sony hasn't bothered to hype.

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just_looken2261d ago

"I watched this happen on flight from Las Vegas to New York. The boy was in an aisle seat, across and one row up from my own aisle seat. He had an iPad. Everyone had an iPad. To my left, in a sign of the machine's borderless ubiquity, there sat a man whose iPad was in Chinese. He played soccer games and virtual card games during the flight. To his left was another man who also used his iPad in Chinese. He played games on his, too.

I kept my iPad in my bag during that flight.

I had a PlayStation Vita to play"

Wow sounds like world domination ha that many ipods in one place so many fn sheep today.

"The Vita could once again not be sufficiently different from a PlayStation Console. Sony itself might again find itself recycling too many of its popular console games onto its handheld"

sounds like Nintendo

"The Wi-Fi unit runs $249.99. The essentially-mandatory memory cards run from $20-$100."

Fyi checkout your stores places like futureshop are offering free memory cards for pre orders.