Sony spends $50M on PS Vita marketing

Sony's U.S. marketing campaign for the upcoming PlayStation Vita is set to be its largest and most expensive yet for a games console, according to media reports.

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Myst2351d ago

Kind of seems like this sort of thing should have been done slowly up until it's release and then go full blown after release. I guess they also rely on our word of mouth to help get the word out?

S_C2351d ago

Where's that $50M going then because over here in the UK there has not been 1 advert on the tv, newspapers or anywhere. Roll on the 22nd anyways

jony_dols2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

$50 million for an advertising budget is pretty damn meager when you compare it to the amount other tech companies spend on marketing their products.

Microsoft's Kinect for example had a $500 million marketing campaign, and that was only a peripheral.

Sony is spending 10 times less than that and they are launching a brand new console?!

Unfortunately most consumers are sheep, and to get ahead of the competition you must advertise big to sell big.
Would the Wii have been anywhere as near successful without Nintendo's relentless marketing? More than likely not.

gaffyh2351d ago

I agree, it doesn't seem like enough, because when Halo 3 came out, I'm sure MS spent a little more than $50 million to promote it? That was a really good campaign though, TV, newspaper and bus adverts, bus ads are the best imo because they guarantee a lot of views, and seen as you are in the city centre, you can just go and buy the thing.

I guess they could promote it well if they are smart.

Chrono2350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

@jony_dols, Vita doesn't need all that marketing because unlike Kinect, everyone wants to buy it.

yesmynameissumo2351d ago

Chatter regarding the Vita has been going on since before its announcement and well after. I think it's smart timing on Sony's part. Core gamers already know about it and have decided whether they'll bite or not and average joe consumers are hearing/seeing more and more as its US launch gets closer. The free word of mouth has definitely helped. Now let's see if they can market it better than the PSP, which was still a success imo, didn't have the broad reach of marketing the Vita looks to have.

Myst2351d ago

Yeah agreed on sites like this but I guess shifting the viewpoint to those that are not in the know like us..uh well I don't know but yeah as you said AJ (Average Joe's) are just now hearing about this. Kind of would have been better though for people to pre-order and all. Then again tax season is soon...

yesmynameissumo2351d ago

I've seen a slew of Taco Bell commercials (not that my location is an indication of what to expect from all markets) and there is a ton of signage up in my local Walmart, Target, Best Buy, etc. I agree if they had started sooner, they could've capitalized from the tax season. At the same time, I filed my taxes and got my launch bundle pre-ordered :) so I'm higher than a hippie in a hot air balloon from the anticipation!

Myst2351d ago

haha nice. Yeah several stores primarily Gamestop I'm starting to see the signs.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2351d ago

I have yet to see a commercial for the Vita yet. And what, it comes out Wednesday? Nothing yet. If they go the way of advertising as they have with the PS3, then I have one word of them.


manman62351d ago

I hope Sony put the 50mil to good use. The way they advertise the Vital will decide how successful it will be in the United States.

Captain Tuttle2351d ago

If you read the NY Times article it says that they'll be concentrating on young men in their 20's who already own a PS3. Seems to me that they would be the people most likely to pick one up anyway. It's focus is too narrow and they're targeting an audience who will most likely buy one anyway.

I don't get it.

dredgewalker2351d ago

Lol, well you can call it safe marketing. It's been a while since I saw you post. I guess they're targeting consumers based on the games that are available for the Vita.

manman62351d ago

Most gamers already know if they are going to buy the Vita or not. Sony should target mire of the casual audience that probably don't know that the Vita even exist.

Hicken2350d ago

They're targeting the sure audience because that's who it's made for. There's very little sense in marketing for 8 year-olds when there are no games for 8 year-olds on it.

Go after the people you want the system to appeal to, first. In time, others will become interested and come around.

Series_IIa2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

Advertising works wonders... Why do you think Coke and Pepsi advertise so much?

Pretty much everyone drinks Coke and/or Pepsi as their main soft beverage, but they still want to remind us they are still around to quench that thirst

$50m well spent, not sure if they left it a bit late though, not seen any advertising aside from retailers

hot1112351d ago

Supposed $500 million dollar Kinect marketing budget was never confirmed by Microsoft or even mentioned in their quarterly investor report.

That said,$50 mill(just US) for Vita is huge.Sony should spend it wisely...

Another Sony myth is gone(Sony is not spending money on marketing,has no money for marketing,etc,etc)

ZippyZapper2350d ago

They got the $500 million budget from a random forum rumor post here on N4G

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