Gizmodo: PlayStation Vita Review: You Don’t Need Another Beautiful Smart Gadget

The PSP never exploded. The Nintendo 3DS is a letdown. Now it's 2012, and Sony has the chance for a clean start that'll put console-caliber games in your bag. It does—but does a pocketable console really make sense anymore?

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growlancer72349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

What a complete load of bullshit.

Ddouble2349d ago

Gizmodo reviewing it as a phone
Kotaku reviewing it as a gaming device

Go to Kotaku if you want a proper review.

iamnsuperman2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

"Go to Kotaku if you want a proper review"

What is a proper review because last time I checked the big three do not just make consoles for the "hardcore". The Vita is in competition to a smart phone purely on the basis that it doesn't have 69p games ready to download, and other things phones do have. Going to Kotaku (like other gaming sites) is the same as going to gizmodo (one side). Fact is smart phones are in competition to these dedicated hand held consoles especially in the casual market which Sony and Nintendo are trying to push into. Its lack of phone functionality or the non gaming part of the device not being so great or up to scratch should be mentioned as it isn't just trying to be a portable gaming device.

tarbis2349d ago

It may be trying to be more than a portable gaming device it does not mean it should be a phone in the first place.
Also, the PSV's primary focus is gaming, apps and other things are secondary. Smartphones are the same, their primary focus is for call and text and not gaming. Why do you think not all developers are flocking to smartphones to develop hi-end games?
Do you really think a business manager's purpose in using a smartphone is gaming? Not even close.

There's a big difference between a NEED and a WANT. Smartphones are NEED, gaming consoles and handhelds are WANT. Don't compare Apples to Oranges, it's a useless debate.

Mikhail2349d ago

So...its a smartphone review...hmmm 3.5..that's on par with the 4S in some sites...and its cheaper too....and it has PS Minis which are as cheap but more intuitive than some smartphone games...

I'll buy it during my paycheck...