Gamespot: Wipeout 2048 Review

'It's not a huge leap forward for the series, but Wipeout 2048 is still a thrilling racing game with an enviable sense of style.'

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NukaCola2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

Saying this game is not innovating enough to deserve more than a 7.5 is ignorant. That's like saying Chrono Trigger on DS is worse than the SNES because it didnt do much new. It's a great game and this one is a solid racer with everything the console could have plus more. It has tons of good social features and this game supports cross play between any 8 mix of Vitas or PS3s (pretty remarkable and innovating).

Also the load times got a patch to reduce that.

Der_Kommandant2320d ago

All Wipeout games are more polished than Hugh Heffner's cock