April 25th UK release for GTA IV

MCV understands that Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto IV will not be released in March as expected – and will in fact be held back until the last week in April.

Sources close to the game's publisher have told MCV that the title's UK release will miss the Easter period entirely, and will instead go on sale in the final week of Rockstar parent Take 2's second financial quarter.

That would be in keeping with the company's latest financial statement, which revealed the title would be released in its Q2 period – which runs from February to the end of April.

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Rama262853742d ago

It seems so far away! I'd rather wait than to have a half finished game and then wait for patches to fix it though. Take your time and make a game that we can all enjoy!

Coffin873742d ago

oh please rockstar, don't do this to us in europe!!
release one month later.. hell no..

they must do what they can to release it simultaneously!!! anything else would be a pure torture!! every damn day!

please rockstar.. don't do this to us.

marcdz13742d ago

I just got my PS3 dual shock 3 in the mail a few days ago and I am happy to report it works for PS2 games and Uncharted, which everyone knows by now. But was I going to wait 3 to 6 more months for it? Hell no! Just import the game from the U.S. you'll get it before it comes out over there and I think it will be cheaper since Euros are worth more than dollars right now.

masterg3742d ago

This could be a huge blow for Sony.

If the US release for GTAIV for PS3 and Xbox360 is in March, then Xbox360 Euro release will probably be there as well.

This could mean a lot of the Euro PS2 users who are waiting for this title will buy a 360 because they simply cant wait.

I'm getting tired of this. All the latest PS3 sales figures show that Europe is selling more games than the US. One would assume this would mean more focus on Europe. Sadly it doesn't seem that way.

Meus Renaissance3742d ago

It isn't platform specific but territory specific. The European version is suggested, here, to be delayed. That means the European version of the game for both platforms will be delayed.

mariusmal3742d ago

ahaha independence day here on my country lol. nice date.

synetic3742d ago

haha we from the same country ^^

anyway i dont care if it takes some more months i want the game perfect >__< to bad i will take a year or more to come to pc ( if it comes )

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