IGN: Uncharted Golden Abyss Video Review

IGN: I don't mean to sound like I'm being hypercritical of Uncharted: Golden Abyss. The game is great and an impressive launch title for the PlayStation Vita. It's just that the Uncharted series has been known for being a story-driven experience, and Golden Abyss goes in another direction. It's a beautiful, fun game with tons of collectibles, plenty of laughs, and some cool twists on a franchise PlayStation fans know so well. It's just not an instant classic like the other entries in the series. Still, not too shabby for Sony Bend's first crack at the Uncharted legacy.

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coolbeans2347d ago

When he says "being hypocritical", is he stating that because he didn't give it a 9? If so, this generation's mindset is becoming scarier by the minute. An 8.5 for a respectable new entry in the series should garuntee this to be the first game for PSV purchasers.

zielocz3k2347d ago

can't wait to play it, i love Uncharted series <3

cpayne932347d ago

I don't think so, and he said hypercritical, not hypocritical. He said that at the end of the review, and I think it was because he spent most of the time in the review stating what GA did wrong, so he was saying that the game is still great despite its shortcomings compared to uncharted on the ps3.