WipEout 2048 Review [TheSixthAxis]

TheSixthAxis writes: "Concrete. Grass. Spectators. This is New York, barely a few decades away, its skyscrapers encircled by floating neon and makeshift paths through the city, the juxtaposition jarring and yet somehow rather beautiful. The crafts, too, technology barely evolved from present-day Formula 1 save for the anti-gravity propulsion that contributes to the whirring hums and muffled screams of the fledgling, embryonic engines.

WipEout 2048 might very well be future, but it’s hardly distant. Instead, think reality, tweaked: wing mounted cannons spew out empty shells like the mini gun in Predator; lap markers pepper a traffic-less Times Square and sponsors place tentative hoardings around tracks that only begin to indicate what lies ahead in other WipEout games. As the introductory movie explains, this is purely racing as we know it, but evolved."

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