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When you think about the various things that make up one of the games in the Uncharted series, what do you come up with? For me, the checklist includes the basics, like low-risk climbing sequences and standard cover-based gunplay. Then you've got Nathan Drake, lovable scamp that he is, cracking wise and such. Set him in a treasure hunting adventure with pseudo-historical references, surround him with a lady or two, and mix in at least two double-crosses because Drake can be a bit of a simp. Then, break up the climbing and shooting with a few puzzles. Oh, and don't forget to lay in a few huge, cinematic "set-piece" moments that are driven by the developer's technical mastery of the hardware at hand. That's sort of the thing that holds all the rest of it together, right?

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NukaCola2230d ago

Glad to see this was reviewed honestly by a journalist who was top of his class. /s

Point of the review:
1. It's not as good as a AAA console title marketed by millions and a studio familiar with the series for years who have mastered the highest tech of console this gen.

I mean give Bend some credit. The game is bringing it back to the roots of exploration and just a solid single player experience. For a launch line up, it's still better than a majority of titles that came out on the big HD systems this year.

FriedGoat2230d ago

Yeah I was peeved by this, I like Giant Bomb but come on.

MariaHelFutura2230d ago

How is this in anyway N4Gs fault?!? Sites submit their content here.

lelo2play2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

Uncharted: Golden Abyss is a solid launch title, but at a premium price... so everybody expects it to be as good as the PS3 version, and that's not going to happen. Sony has been comparing Uncharted: Golden Abyss to a PS3 title, but it's not.

I've said it before and i'll say it again, some PSP Vita and 3DS games are way to expensive. 50$ is way to much for a Hand-held game.

FriedGoat2230d ago

Yeah I agree when it plays like a handheld game Ie (super mario 3d land) ect and these are high price. but when I have a 10+ hour story driven campaign I see slightly more value for money.

despair2230d ago


yea but as they said in the review, when you watch UC3 for near the same price as Golden Abyss you tend to pause for a minute and consider. I think the ceiling for Handheld games should be 40 bucks, lower would be better but I'm not deluding myself into thinking devs will do that very often.

Look at the Vita launch titles, there are quite a few $30-40 titles and thats great, but then you have UC golden abyss standing at 50 bucks and its easy to see Sony trying to cash in on the popularity of the franchise. Thats not to say its not a great game, but why the extra 10 dollars?

FriedGoat2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

The point is, if uncharted didn't exist on the PS3 at all and this game came out it would have high scores. You shouldn't compare. If review sites did this for the 3DS such as 3D land VS Galaxy it wouldn't have the good scores it does for sure. I dont understand why one system should be given a free pass, Personally I feel Uncharted on a handheld is an incredible achievement and shouldn't be downgraded because of silly things. Maybe its just me but its always seemed that giant bomb don't like "console" experiences on handhelds, when thats what i'm personally looking for.

despair2230d ago


I like how you ignored the first part of that quote

"...but for something that Sony has tried to compare to the PlayStation 3 on a technical level, it doesn't take long to see that this ain't no PlayStation 3 game."

Its a relevant point and the reviewer is right to say that it lacks something that the Uncharted series is known for if it doesn't have the blockbuster epic events that UC2 and 3 are known for.

I love the Uncharted series(my UC2 plat and soon to be UC3 plat will attest to that) but if this one falls a bit short then it should be called on it. Just because you like something doesn't mean its always perfect or amazing.

NukaCola2230d ago

It's not a PS3 game. It's compared because the step up from PSP to Vita is like PS2 to PS3. Of course the PS3 will not be matched. But comparing the Vita to PS3 is stupid. Comparing is not a merit for review.

Infinity Blade and is the best looking iOS game, but it looks like crap compared to Gears 3. Both use the Unreal Engine. Should of lowered IB's scores.

Rayman on Wii doesn't run like 360/PS3 does, but it's still a 10/10 game.

Merit of review has took a nose dive this gen. Comparing is such a biased outlook that I hate.

I was just making a crack at the grammar.

despair2230d ago

You are right, comparisons (especially graphically) doesn't have a place in a review, still, with an Uncharted title you expect something, using the name means that you have to meet the standards, even if its on a different platform certain things have to work right. The lack of giant set pieces and epic scenes might be a limitation of the hardware but it doesn't mean we shouldn't expect it from an Uncharted game.

I'm still getting it for sure but some concessions were made for the game and if it doesn't feel like a true uncharted game then that would be a little disappointing.

Oh and my mistake on you comment, poor grammar indeed but these days its commonplace in any article, not just game reviews.

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Disccordia2230d ago

It's a great game but having completed it I don't think many people will enjoy playing it on the move. If you're gonna sit at home and play it then you're better off with the ps3 games for sure on the big screen. Bend really did a great job but I'm not convinced that it's a great handheld.. Experience?

ginsunuva2230d ago

Yeah, console games should stay on consoles. They don't translate to portable experiences.

Vita needs games like the downloadable psn games (pixeljunk, super stardust, etc) that don't feel right on a console. Those 5-15 dollar games don't feel right on consoles, but fit well on handhelds.

Tenkay232230d ago


Here comes the shitstorm.....

C0MPUT3R2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

Double standards much.
Nintendo can put out Mario and Zelda on their handhelds and reviewers don't compare them with their CONSOLE counterparts.
My question to the reviewer would be...
What HANDHELD game compares to Uncharted: Golden Abyss?
Yeah I thought so.
If the game was coming out for PS3 I would agree with the review, but its not, its coming
out on a handheld. Uncharted running on a handheld is amazing.

hardandsloppy2230d ago


Sorry I got excited for wed. The trolls like the reviewer will be trolling, while I play the crap out of my new VITA!