Push-Start Review: SoulCalibur V Fight Stick (Soul Edition)

Beautiful, attractive and one hell of a sturdy piece of equipment which is built to last, SoulCalibur V’s fightstick from Mad Catz is finally upon us. This isn’t the first time Mad Catz has released a tournament edition themed fight stick, with their previous Tournament Edition fight sticks launching to coincide with the console debut of Street Fighter IV back in 2009. This sprung open many new windows for more fighting games to enter the professional fighting realm. These fight sticks aren’t just peripherals; they are akin to having a portable arcade cabinet in your home, giving you the feeling that you are fighting back in the classic arcades. But how much has changed since the first release of these tournament fight sticks? Find out in this review.

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kingPoS2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

Why do sell keep selling the same year after year. It's like CoD!
Why don't they add vibration, I'd buy a new arcade stick if it had that.
And for those that want the art of the newest fighter, wouldn't be a better idea to just buy a graphic overlay. That way you could just slap on or peel off game art.