PS Vita launch game reviews go live

Last month we managed to get our hands on Sony's new handheld and posted our PS Vita review.

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TronEOL2317d ago

Just like I expected for most of those.

The system sellers will be the games released between now and the end of the year. Although there's more than enough to make someone buy it now, my guess would be more people will buy into it on Q3-4 2012.

But no matter.
I can't wait for my First Edition Vita to arrive before this Friday (I pre-ordered it online). I'm super stoked to try out the Vita apps, Uncharted: GA, Little Deviants, and some others from the PSN (SEN).

I absolutely can't wait to play some of the digital PSP games I own on the Vita and actually use the right joystick. That'll be amazing by itself.