CVG: MGS4 hands-on - Hideo Kojima waxes lyrical on his proudest invention

Visually, it's impressive, but not staggering. Squint and pop into first-person view, and it's not dissimilar to the Middle East sections in Call Of Duty 4. In fact, playing MGS4 in FPS mode feels initially disappointing, since a part of your brain thinks you're playing Infinity Ward's incredible shooter. Extended play soon erodes comparisons - Metal Gear 4 is way more flexible - and the graphics gently dazzle: the volume of gunfire, explosions, soldiers and smoke in the final showdown with the PMC tank spikes your breath.

It isn't PS3's best-looking game, but the solidity and detail - zoom in and just look at Snake's grizzled face - is confidently reassuring.

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THC CELL3780d ago

this will be the best Mgs ever cant wait

Only on ps3 baby wooo

krackchap3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

metal gear solid 4 wont be game of the year 2008, why you ask?? because metal gear solid 4 will be the game of the century.
Hideo kojesus FTW
im going to name my first son hideo(whenever he's born)

Bebedora3780d ago

Think about it in school:

-"Here comes Hideous again"

But Kojima....hmmm. Kojak?

UnblessedSoul3780d ago

I agree this game is going to be big, and finally all the answers will be clear

ravinash3780d ago

but it'll be one hell of a ride alll the same.

THC CELL3780d ago

90% of x box owners will run to there local store and buy this game
on the day

sure ps3 owners will as well

and its not over yet snake fans there is also online
This game will be the hit of 2008

ravinash3780d ago

otherwise their going to have a few problems playing the game.

Grassroots3779d ago

I'm confused, why would they purchase it? Anywoo looks fantastic, can't wait for this game.

Meus Renaissance3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

People are still saying it'll be ported to the Xbox 360 soon on the forums. Interesting read as always there/ end sarcasm

hades073779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

Has there been any final word on the exclusivity of MGS4? Im just asking cause I played all of the MGS's, even Portable Ops for my psp (though I have to say really didn't like MGS2) and would love to play this but I currently have a 360. I have a million games right now I play for the system and will get a PS3 in the future but I would rather have this game soon on the 360 rather than later on the PS3. Im not a 360 fanboy either as you can tell and I dont want any fanboy remarks about Blu-ray is going to destroy the 360, or it will be better of course on the 360, just a normal response for once.

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The story is too old to be commented.