Schafer: Kickstarter pledges "a huge outpouring of goodwill... and money"

Double Fine's Tim Schafer says fans have asked/pestered "many times over the years" for them to make a graphic adventure title - Kickstarter a shot for fans to put "money where their mouth is."

Schafer knew an adventure game wouldn't get funded by a publisher. Guessed the first night might scrap in $2,000 - people told him it was "crazy to ask" for $400k.

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morventhus2317d ago

People might call Tim crazy... and they might be right.... but thats where his utter joyfulness and creativity thrive from... hes a great man with great ideas.... hope this game and his future ones bring him great fortune...

egidem2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

Isn't double fine the guys who made Brutal Legend? I enjoyed that game. Too bad it is kind of underrated.

Edit: It clearly says that Double Fine made Brutal Legend in the article. I should learn to read articles first.