UK Pricing For Upcoming Vita Digital Only Games Revealed

The PlayStation Vita is only just over a week away from launch, and Sony have announced some UK prices for a selection of their digital only titles.

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Lior2079d ago

wow good prices getting escape plan from that list what about the tripe A titles on the vita prices?

WhiteSpyderZero2079d ago

We don't have any details on the retail prices, but it appears boxed games are going to be between £4.99-£40

Hx3KinG2078d ago

not exactly sure, but Uncharted is £39.99 sadly.

Optical_Matrix2078d ago

Escape Plan is priced well. Will be getting the pre-order pack with my Vita so a further £5 discount on Escape Plan through the voucher code they give you sounds great. Can't wait/

Kurisu2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

Same here! I keep checking my inbox for the voucher lol. Very good prices.

Kinger89382078d ago

Stardust will be a must have