Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Review (Xbox Site Poland)

You will not find any "sentimental gibberish" here...

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meetajhu2199d ago (Edited 2199d ago )

Xbox gamers just don't know how to play games. Thats why they stick with COD's

spacedelete2199d ago

you know alot of the Xbox fanbase did own a PS2 back in the day so some probably have played the series.

if you think before spouting fanboy gibber jabber you would know you sad little ignorant fangirl.

h311rais3r2199d ago

Yep that's y cod sells just as well on the ps3 right? I love metal gear as much as the next guy but I'm sorry gears and halo on insane and legendary are leagues HARDER than metal gear. Stop with the fanboyism. It's not needed.

HarryMasonHerpderp2199d ago

I reckon it deserves at least a 9/10.
MGS3 is a 10/10 game for me on its own! lol