Dark Souls Against the World

Xbigygames says: I died, over and over and over again. To a point in which I was so frustrated that I slammed down the remote and escaped for a break in another room. I came back however, as I had done many times throughout the journey of Dark Souls. But, it got me thinking...

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JellyJelly2322d ago

The whole "I died over and over" comment seems a bit overexaggerated to me. If you just run forward charging enemies like a madman you will surely die, but if you're familiar with action RPGS and use some tactics you won't die that much.

Personally I finished the tutorial part and the boss fight without dying once. And when you die you usually know how to tackle the challenge the second time you try.

Dark Souls is one, if not the best, action RPG this gen and everyone owes themselves to try it out. It's one of few games this gen that has immersed me completely into its world and that feels magic everytime I play it.

jthamind2322d ago

200 hours into it and i'm still loving it.

the funny thing is that i beat the game and then Skyrim came out, and i stopped playing Dark Souls for Skyrim. then after i got bored of Skyrim, i eventually came back to Dark Souls and wondered why i ever left it in the first place.

baboom2232321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

you know, I remember arguing about with you about skyrim being better. you were right. :)