A World Without Online Multiplayer

GNT: Have you ever wondered what your life as a gamer would be like if there were no online multiplayer? I know you’re probably shouting, “Blasphemy”, at the screen right now, but hear me out. How would our lives be changed? Let’s take a walk down the path of “what if”.

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knifefight2202d ago

You mean like, the majority of my life so far? For those in their late 20's and up, most of our lives have been spent without online play being nearly as common, convenient, or affordable as it is today, so...imagining it isn't really that hard.

dredgewalker2202d ago

Not too hard to imagine since I've also experienced it too. I also knew life without the internet and had to rely on magazines to get any information about games and consoles but they were expensive since they were imported and not many stores had them.

Horny2202d ago

I honestly had more fun with games back in the day. Getting together for street fighter 2, international superstar soccer and many more. Then the N64 days were a multiplayer blast. Also going out buying magazines for hints and codes and such.
Nowadays me and my friends just play some sports games or a shooter once in a while.

knifefight2202d ago

There was kind of a funny (ish) article hinting at this same thing a little while ago:

Yeah, I miss games with same-screen multiplayer. Sometimes you don't want all 4 people to have to buy the game. =/

NeoTribe2202d ago

True. I remember the first online session I had was doom2 via phoneline. One persons comp had to call the persons house to connect. Forgot wut it was called. Now that I'm custom to online multiplayer it would suck if it was gone. Even when I'm playing single player I like being logged on the network.

Jdub895O2202d ago

i do know one thing, if we didnt have any multiplayer A.I. would be a hell of a lot better.

Cosmit2202d ago

I....I...I wouldn't want to live in.

MaverickStar72202d ago

No online multiplayer...I would probably be done with video games then. Its the only thing that brought me back into the video game world. Having played games since the Atari 2600, eventually everything seems like the same old stuff no matter what they do. The only thing that stays fresh is playing against human opponents. If thats gone I'll just go back to Poker and Monopoply.

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