Alan Wake PC – Standard and Limited Editions

Nordic Games has released today the official images of what the limited and standard edition of the game “Alan Wake” for the PC will look like.

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pr0digyZA2345d ago

Thinking of picking this up, even though I already own the limited edition 360 version that looks like a book. Plus I love commentary and this looks like they aren't re-releasing the same extras.

Berserk2345d ago

For me the deal-breaker will be if it cost more than it should, considering its almost 2 years I believe. Otherwise If the Price is right, day 1.

iNcRiMiNaTi2345d ago

"The Steam version will be $29.99 (Game + DLCs) and $34.99 (LCE). Retail pricing details will be announced soon."

Play2Win2345d ago

Yeah, played it on 360 @ friends home. One of the most underrated console games. Finally I can play it on PC.