Uncharted Golden Abyss Beats Drake's Deception

In many ways Golden Abyss is the game that I wanted Uncharted 3 to be: a fresh run-round for the tropes and style of Uncharted 2. Even that is a disservice to the game that adds intelligently to the formula that has lived with Nate through his previous adventures...

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tarbis2204d ago

Pretty nice review. And I agree about the balancing bit. It felt forced to have it there.
But all in all. Golden Abyss gave me a greater experience than Drake's Deception. Not that I did not like DD. The last boss fight in DD was lackluster. Fighting those goons wielding a .50 caliber around was more challenging.
Comparing the boss fight of DD to GA. Fighting Dante using the touchscreen was more enjoyable.
I hope ND and Bend will work together again to bring us more and entertaining Uncharted =)

paulgovan2204d ago

You are totally right. If I had to choose between the two (which I guess I don't) there would be no contest. GA all the way.
I liked DD but not as much as the other games.

Knushwood Butt2204d ago

Yeah, I've said it a few times and got a load of disagrees, but I much prefer GA to DD.

GA may have a simpler story but everything's much tighter.

It's also cool the way you skip through certain stuff on subsequent runs, like the puzzles.

r212204d ago

yeah, the last boss wasnt amazing but he sure as hell was tough. for me anyways. it was satisfying finishing him off in normal and bloody crushing mode >:D

btw, spoilers man, at least hide the boss's name for those who havent played Uncharted GA. also is there spoilers in this article as well?

tarbis2204d ago

oops sorry about that. I'll keep that in mind ^^;;;

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tigertron2204d ago

This is the first game I'm buying when I get a Vita.

iNcRiMiNaTi2204d ago

Yeah same. There really isn't much to look forward to at launch. I was gonna pick up uncharted and blazblue but blazblue isn't a launch title :/

SandWitch2204d ago (Edited 2204d ago )

But I don't agree about lack of great launch titles. Uncharted, Wipeout, Escape Plan, F1, FIFA, Unit 13, ModRacers would be mine at launch if I could afford all of them :/ And despite those games that I already mentioned there will be about 20 more games. It's actually a great launch lineup IMO.

iNcRiMiNaTi2204d ago (Edited 2204d ago )

None of those really catch my attention minus uncharted and maybe escape plan now that I saw a youtube video. And it seems blazblue is a launch title so I guess I'll pick it up along with uncharted. I guess what I was really looking forward to was what I liked about the psp, a monster hunter or disgaea at launch would've been nice

KeePeR_212203d ago

Dont get modnation, word out is that its terrible, thats the one thing all the media outlets seem to agrre on as of right now

phantomexe2204d ago

I love these uncharted games. i can't get into most of sonys ips god of war LBP and so on but when it comes to uncharted i buy everthing related to it books, action figures you name it i got it. I'm 35 marred with a kid and still i have to have anything uncharted.

BabyTownFrolics2204d ago

cant wait till this comes out on the ps3

SandWitch2204d ago (Edited 2204d ago )

What? Golden Abyss? Good luck waiting for this game, but I guess you should know it's PS Vita exclusive :)

saumer2204d ago

LOL.... Looks like you missed the joke. :P All the good psp games came to ps3.

KeePeR_212203d ago

Basically Golden abyss took uncharted back to being more of a adventure game and less of a action oriented hollywood blockbuster, now if they can find a way to collaborate both they'll have themselves a masterpiece