Nintendo Wii Back In Stock

About 3 weeks ago there were speculations that the Nintendo Wii would be impossible to get before Christmas. A spokesman from the Mirror said "English interest is phenomenal" and he sure was right, people are going to extreme levels to get the Nintendo Wii and also paying silly prices.

Well no more, have the Nintendo Wii in stock, it may take 3-7 days to get to you but don't hesitate, get your order in today, make your child smile on Christmas morning.

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whoelse3812d ago

lol the timing. And they say its not to increase demand.

mikeslemonade3812d ago

Well they only sold 170,000 units this month in the U.S., so there's noway Nintendo would purposely hold them back when they could have easily sold close to 800,000 units or even a million if they actually met demand .

cooke153812d ago

170 000? i think you have it confused with 1.7 million

whoelse3812d ago

would they have sold that many if there were less demand for them coz they werent holding them back.

KS19853812d ago

Don't care anymore, because I have mine.
Hip hip, Hooray!!!!!!

Neurotoxin3812d ago

Yeah i was the unlucky fuc*er who had to unload 104,000 boxes at a warehouse of Wii`s....

.....Don`t worry kiddies i saved christmas for you.

... I take no responsibilty for any breakages as i may have dropped a few thousand boxes along the way. ;).

caffman3812d ago

The only problem is you can only buy them in a package so instead of £179 it £299!

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