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PS Vita is just days away, so let's weigh up its pros and cons in a fair and balanced fashion, just like in real life.

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madpuppy2171d ago

I had it all preordered, but, then the stupid came out, no video out, new weird memory cards, short battery times.

I just gave up and grabbed a transformer prime with the KB attachment.

16 hrs of battery time, 5 core nvidia processor as well as a 12 core Nvidia video chipset makes it a pretty powerful machine for gaming, plus the addition of being able to use a 360 or PS3 controller and connect it by hdmi to a hi def TV just makes it a winner.

granted it really could never compete with a dedicated handheld like the Vita (because it is not) but, I think the plus' outweigh the negatives in the long run.

eferreira2171d ago

why would you want video out on a handheld? the screen is amazing. Memory cards arent that expensive. you really can't afford 20 bucks for a 4 gig?

Colwyn2171d ago

it basically states that a lot of things are good about the ps vita but the bad thing is that penny pinchers will cry. to each his own, if something is the best and youre a fan, there shouldnt be a debate.

skrug2171d ago (Edited 2171d ago )

so instead of paying 250$ for PSV + up to 100$ for memory card, you went out and bought a 600$ tablet with a 100$ kb attachment?

TBM2171d ago

Didn't you know this is how some americans think lol. personally my vita is paid in full and will be picked up next week i can not wait.

madpuppy2171d ago (Edited 2171d ago )

no it was a 500.00 tablet with a 150.00 kb attachment. :P

"Didn't you know this is how some americans think"

@TBM I'm sorry that I am not as provincial as the people from your country. :P

maybe I am getting old, but, I really want more than just a dedicated gaming handheld. It is not being a "penny pincher" more like the Vita doesn't do ALL the things that I want it to do. It lacks the features I want.

and frankly, I will just wait till Sony brings back the tv out feature and maybe allows the vita to work with a wireless PS3 controller. that would have been pretty cool, a portable that doubles as a console. I know, I know "it would cannibalize PS3 sales". but, that still doesn't mean that it wouldn't have been great.

skrug2171d ago

i'm off by $50...

You have different needs/wants, so enjoy your Transformer Prime =)

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tarbis2171d ago

A good read. I'm glad the negatives are not some doom and gloom bits unlike other sites make it out to be.

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