PS Vita Better for Families than 3DS

The idea of going back to the 3DS's cartridge system felt a little antiquated in comparison -- and perhaps led more from piracy and market control concerns than the interest of the player...

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mayberry2171d ago

A family of pre-teens and a gaming parent as is myself would absolutly love a vita or two! I hope the Augmented Reality funtion is as tight as the vids ive seen!

MariaHelFutura2171d ago

I think the PSV and the 3DS will/should cater to entirely different markets. Nintendo should focus on making traditional handheld style games and Sony should focus on making the PSV like a portable PS3, making more fleshed out game expierences like you get on a console. If they both do that, I don't see why they couldn't co-exist. That last thing in my opinion Sony should do w/ the PSV is go after the casual market.

paulgovan2171d ago

Couldn't disagree more. The motion controls and camera make it a perfect machine to do Kinect and Wii controls for kids.

grailly2171d ago

what? some of the best PSP games were portable-type games, locoroco and patapon are good examples of that. I don't want the vita to be a portable PS3, I'm already disappointed enough as it is that there aren't many new franchises on it.

Knight_Cid2171d ago

making the vita a portable ps3 would make the system tank harder

and you get more fleshed out experiences on handhelds particularly on nintendo and sony than you could get on a console

MariaHelFutura2171d ago (Edited 2171d ago )

I think you guys are all crazy. The games that are gonna do the best on the Vita are the games that represent their console counter-parts (Uncharted, LBP, GTA and so on). Plus, what hurt the PSP was not having 2 analog sticks and not being able to represent their console versions properly.

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AllroundGamer2171d ago

oh pls don't go the casual way...

tarbis2171d ago

Nice article. I really enjoyed reading how his family liked the PSV.

Knight_Cid2171d ago (Edited 2171d ago )

This article is really silly


is something every system has had to deal with

psp, ds, ps3,wii, and 360, so singling out the 3ds is unfair when it has no piracy now

" the family-friendly bite sized nature of the DS and 3DS games, but the fidelity of the Vita experience has won me over to longer play commitments for now at least."

This statement is wrong on alot of levels.

Is rocket slime 3 bite sized? is tales of the abyss 3ds bite sized? is devil sruvivor bite sized? AND family friendly? NO.

What I think hes saying is all he cares about is the screen thats it.

I would like, to like this article, but theres too many holes.

Game3s2171d ago

I like how he fails to mention that the Sony made the vita have no on-board memory and an expensive proprietary memory to counter piracy.

BubloZX2171d ago

the 3ds doesnt have any on board memory either. need a sd card

Tenkay232171d ago

@BubloZX yes but the 3DS comes with a 2GB SD card and it's not proprietary. You can get a 20gb SD card for 20 bucks at wal-mart. Any SD card works.

Only Sony memory cards work for the vita, and they are overpriced as hell.

Navick2171d ago

@Tenkay23 I guess you don't know about the "free" 4-8gb memory card you get when you purchase the PS Vita at launch? Not sure why most people ignore this fact...

BubloZX2170d ago

Yeah but that's still not on board memory.

Don't know why you got a disagree. Launch 3g citadel are being bundled with an 8 gig at no extra cost at gamestop. Even radio shack is doing it

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